What is Sustainability?

What kind of a community do we want to leave for future generations? Finding an answer to that question is the foundation of becoming a "sustainable community". Most people want to leave behind a more liveable, healthy, and thriving community for their children and grandchildren.

"Sustainability" is a goal, a future where our community is living within the Earth’s means, while continuing to grow and thrive, and provide people with their basic needs. Few people would disagree that they want a future for their children that is just as good, if not better, than the one that exists today. But creating that desired future is not that simple, because of a number of global and local problems that are undermining our ability to create that future. These include:
  • environmental concerns such as climate change, the destruction of wildlife habitat, and the pollution of air and water
  • social concerns such as access to basic services such as health care, food, shelter, and education
  • cultural concerns such as a maintaining community bonds, fostering a sense of community identity, celebrating culture & diversity, and protecting our heritage
  • economic concerns such as ensuring decent living standards for all, high levels of good employment, and encouraging learning and innovation
Sustainability acknowledges that these issues are a very real threat to our community. Through recent consultations with the Bridgewater community, members of our town made it clear that we want to live in a community that is clean, vibrant, and a good place to live and work. We want to have a community that meets today’s needs, and the needs of future generations. In other words, a “sustainable” community: one that can support an attractive economy, serving a healthy and equitable population, all living within the Earth’s means.

A great video explaining sustainability, produced by The Natural Step

Read more about this topic under our Sustainability Charter.

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