December 2013 Update

A hearty welcome to those who joined in the past month:
You can find out more about these groups and individuals, including what sustainability products, services, interests and ideas they have, by viewing their profiles on the Network website.

Remember, Network membership is 100% FREE and open to families & individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and community groups, and institutions & government departments.  As a general rule of thumb, members are welcome to join from Bridgewater AND area – that means anywhere in Lunenburg County.

Upcoming Events
Know of any relevant events to add to this FREE calendar? This is your chance to inform people about all the great things going on around here!  Posting an event is easy: go to the Events section of the website, click on "submit an event", and fill in the form. One of our moderators will review the information and post the event if it meets our general criteria.  If you have any questions about what kinds of events you can post, please contact us.

ENSC Home Energy Report - Free!

It’s time to tame your energy consumption, using a free new tool provided by Efficiency Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Power. It’s your personalized report that can help you take more control of the energy you consume at home. Ninety-thousand Nova Scotian households are already taking part; now you can, too. All you need to get started is your Nova Scotia Power account number.

The tool produces an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use report that shows you how much electricity you’re consuming every month compared to 100 anonymous, similar homes in your community. It also provides you with personalized tips and tools you need to reduce your energy use and save money on your power bills. Nova Scotians are the first in Canada to participate in this innovative program that has already been used by 15 million customers in 80 different places around the world.  Check it out today on this website.

Invitation and Good Cheer for Old and New CSN Members

Using the traditional framework of a New Year’s Levée, the CSN Engagement and Events Committee plan to host an open house at the home of Charlene Morton and Daniel Vokey, 1400 Grimm Road, Middle LaHave. CSN members, family, and friends are welcome to drop by for light refreshments and conversation any time between 1 and 4 p.m. Wednesday, January 1st.  For those who are not familiar with levées, a much-edited Wikipedia explanation is in order:

The word levée (from French, noun use of infinitive lever, "rising", from Latin levāre, "to raise") originated in the Levée du Soleil (Rising of the Sun) of King Louis XIV (1643–1715). The first recorded levée in Canada was held on January 1, 1646, in the Chateau St. Louis by Charles Huault de Montmagny, Governor of New France. Over the years the levée has become almost solely a Canadian observance. Today, levées are receptions (usually, but not necessarily, on New Year's Day), offering an informal opportunity to socialize and reflect on the year past while offering best wishes for the upcoming New Year.

As 2013 dissolves into 2014, we hope you will join everyone to share some good cheer, meet fellow network members, and take the opportunity to explore new conversations on timely interests.

RSVP: 764-2209 or

CSN Members in the Media

CSN members were recently in the media for two different initiatives:

On November 12th, a group of citizens and CSN members made a presentation to Bridgewater Town Council to encourage the Town to formally become a "Blue Community" by protecting public water resources and affirming water as a basic human right.  The presentation was reported in the local paper.

On November 16th, a number of CSN members took part in the Defend our Climate rally in Bridgewater.  A photo from the rally made it into a national video summary of the day (see minute 1:30 for a quick shot), and it was also reported in the local paper.

Update Your CSN Profile Today!

Please take 5 minutes to add a sentence or two to your online CSN profile. Tell us what you are doing, thinking, and/or wishing for related to creating a more sustainable community, growing and meeting more people in our Network, and, perhaps, unlearning personal (consumer) habits.

We are especially interested in hearing about any experiences or expertise you might be willing to share with the Network as we develop more opportunities at our bimonthly CSN meetings to introduce and feature old and new CSN members as part of a larger conversation on sustainability initiatives.
  1. Go to
  2. Look in the lower left hand corner of the website where you’ll find the login box. Enter your email address (this one) and your password. If you can’t remember your password, click on “forgot password” and follow the instructions there.
  3. Once you’re logged in, the login box should be replaced with your name and the words “view profile”, “change password”, and a “logout” button underneath it. Click on “view profile”.
  4. This is where you can change all your membership and privacy settings. To change your profile information, click on the “edit profile” button near the top of the page, and edit the information boxes.

Best wishes!
Leon de Vreede, CSN administrator

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