January 2013 Update

We wish all of our Sustainable Bridgewater members a very happy New Year 2013!  May this coming year bring you new inspirations, passions, and ways of living and working in the world.  

2012 was a great year for our Network:
  • we welcomed 90 new members
  • listed 78 events on our sustainability events calendar,
  • helped organize the first South Shore Sustainability Expo in March,
  • and played a major role in the Growing Green Festival in August!  
Sustainability continues to be something that our community talks about and finds exciting.  It's not too late to get involved!  To find out more about what's going on, you can attend any of the many events that will be hosted this year.  

We will also continue to have quarterly CSN meetings, the first of which will be held on January 22nd.  They'll follow a new meeting format where the first hour will be dedicated to an educational session (this month's topic is on sustainability in our food system), and the second half will be the regular meeting where you can find out more about what the CSN is up to.  We hope to see you at some of our events this year!

Upcoming Events
Know of any relevant events to add to this FREE calendar? This is your chance to inform people about all the great things going on around here!  Posting an event is easy: go to the Events section of the website, click on "submit an event", and fill in the form. One of our moderators will review the information and post the event if it meets our general criteria.  If you have any questions about what kinds of events you can post, please contact us.

Stories from the CSN Blog

It’s been a fun and festive month at the Community Sustainability Network as we’ve debated how to use cloth to wrap presents and the best DIY gifts.  The blog also had a bit of a holiday theme, with posts on the following topics:
Annie’s musings on the commercialization of Christmas, complete with 10 ways to have a meaningful holiday without bleeding money.

Café 12

An editorial by Annie Morrison about the proposed Café 12 project in downtown Bridgewater - and how community members can voice their opinions about it.
The Holiday Miracle of Duct Tape
Did you know that cracks in the envelope in your home are the #1 source of heat/energy loss? Here’s a handy dandy guide to locating and sealing yours for a cozier and less expensive winter ahead.

Sustainable Inventions (that I Wish Existed)
Compostable markers? Recirculating Showers? Container ship campgrounds? Join me in my sustainable imaginings--and share your own.
Did you miss a post? Subscribe to the RSS feed on the blog to be informed when new posts go up or follow us on facebook or twitter for notifications of new updates and events. Please feel free to share your comments on social media - you’re an important part of the conversation!
As we enter the new year, watch the blog for a post on Bridgewater's ecoregion, a member profile of The Lunenburg Makery, and more! In the meantime, we'd like your thoughts:  what sustainability topics excite you? What organizations or events would you like to read about? Drop me a line at uuelisabeth@yahoo.com or give me a ring at 634-8090. I’ll look forward to chatting.

Sustainably yours, Elisabeth Bailey, CSN Social Media Coordinator

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Great Meals for a Change

The Community Sustainability Network has become a "Great Meals for a Change" host organization!  Great Meals for a Change is a self-contained educational program kit that teaches people about sustainable food.  The program has a fun and innovative approach to education - you teach the program by inviting your friends over to dinner!  The CSN's Events & Engagement team recently received training in the program (by attending a Great Meal themselves!) and have started hosting their own sustainable food education dinners!  One of our members, Cathy Wagner, hosted her first dinner in early December, and prepared a small write-up that she wanted to share with all of you:

Dear Community Sustainability Network Members,

On December 1st I hosted my first Great Meals for a Change dinner. I invited some close friends and their children, signed out a kit from the CSN and started to plan my dinner.

Winter isn't exactly the easiest season to eat sustainably, however I managed to pull it off by digging into my frozen garden goodies and buying from local sources.

I was initially concerned about whether the concept of sustainable food would be a bit advanced for the children, however they did a wonderful job putting together the sustainable puzzle, playing along with the quiz games and helping to make the homemade ice cream for dessert.

I have really become a fan of the Great Meals for a Change program and I look forward to hosting my next dinner! This program has helped me to understand the principles of sustainable food much better and I now find myself putting much more thought into many of my purchases.
I hope other members will enjoy the kits that the network has available! If you like cooking, and you like a challenge... then Great Meals for a Change is certainly something you must try!
Cathy Wagner

Are you interested in learning more about Great Meals?  This program will be discussed at the upcoming CSN All Member Meeting on January 22, which will be all about sustainable food..  If you can't make it, please send an email to sustainability@bridgewater.ca and I'll give you more information.

Sustainable Food Forum - January 22

The CSN's Events and Engagement team is very excited to present our first educational forum!  Our topic will be "Sustainability in our Food System", and cover all parts of the food web from growing it to selling it to serving it up on your plate.  Our panel will feature 3 local speakers who are knowledgeable on the topic of food, and allow for some interactive Q&A.

The forum will last for about 1 hour and will take place just before the regularly scheduled CSN All Member meeting on January 22nd.  Please be on time so we can start the forum at 6:30PM.  Check out the website event listing for more information as it develops.  All participants are welcome to stay for the brief (half hour) quarterly CSN meeting after the forum, to learn about some practical projects that the CSN has underway, some of which also relate to sustainable food.  We hope to see you there!

Best wishes for a great 2013!
Leon de Vreede, CSN administrator

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