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The night of the Growing Green Sustainability Festival saw our first "fresh air" film screening connected to the Festival. Around 50 people enjoyed a variety of shorts and slightly longer films, while enjoying free popcorn down at King Street Court. Below is a list of films we watched, together with a short description and links to either the short themselves or the trailers for the longer shows. If you have seen any other good green films, whether commercial, Youtube short or other, how about telling us about them?

A video love letter to the bicycle produced by People for Bikes, an American organization dedicated to channeling passion to improve the future of bicycling. Hopefully if you don't already have a love affair with the bike this short will inspire you to begin one soon.

An oldie but goodie from the National Film Board that tells a powerful story, without words, of the interconnectedness of nature. It also raises many questions about environmental responsibility and the consequences of our decisions.

A 20 minute film that shows how two young girls in California are taking positive steps to protect an endangered species. The film shows how people of all ages can contribute to a more sustainable environment. Available at South Shore Public Libraries. See trailer

Did you know that not all school buses have wheels? This video is about Walking School Buses. We have some of these right in Bridgewater, and hopefully more soon in Chester, New Germany.  It's all part of a provincial strategy to get kids moving.

  • Placemaking videos

Placemaking brings together community members to create public art that activates shared public spaces to give a sense of place and build communities. (Have you seen the great new painted benches created by local youth, as part of the Legacy Project of this year's Growing Green Festival?) Two short videos document projects elsewhere in the country.  Soul Poles comes from  Victoria, BC. while this video documents a recent placemaking project in Halifax. If you'd like to make "placemaking" one of your next steps, connect with others on this Community Sustainability Network.

Another new movement in many places is growing food in visible places in towns. This year the Bridgewater Community Garden Network, with its project, Incredible Edible Bridgewater, has helped to grow food in gardens at the Lahave River Credit Union, Lighthouse Media Group and St. Joseph's Church.  Incredible Edible Todmorden, a small town in England was the inspiration for the Bridgewater project.

An award winning documentary, this film started out as a documentary about plastic bags. It evolved into a wholesale investigation into plastics and their effect on our waterways, oceans, and even our bodies.See trailer by clicking on the link.  Now available on loan from South Shore Public Libraries.

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