Commitments for Members

Businesses, non-profit organizations and institutions commit to…
  • Identify a leader (CEO / Manager / Owner / Board Member / Coordinator, etc) within the organization or group who will champion sustainability and the Network
  • Assign a contact person who will communicate with the Network and relay relevant information to members of the organization
  • Involve members of the organization in learning opportunities about sustainability whenever possible
  • Encourage members of the organization to attend sustainability events hosted by the Network, and elsewhere.
  • Take action or develop plans to improve the sustainability of the organization
  • Serve as a role model to the wider community by sharing the organization’s successes and lessons learned with respect to sustainability
  • Promote sustainability and educate others in the community
  • Build regional momentum towards sustainability by engaging citizens, organizations and governments within Bridgewater and in the region
Individuals and families commit to…
  • Learn about sustainability
  • Attend sustainability events
  • Take individual action to live more sustainably
  • Promote sustainability and educating others in the community
  • Join initiatives and take collaborative action to make our community more sustainable

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