What in the World Is Transition?!

  • Thu, February 07, 2013
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Tantallon Public Library, 3646 Hammonds Plains Road (Hubley Centre)

The pace of global changes are increasing at a dramatic rate, and many pundits are using the adage – “the next 10 years will be completely different from the last 10 years.”  These global changes can be described in three intersecting and interwoven areas (the “3-E’s”) – 1. Economy, 2. Energy and 3. Environment.  All are interdependent and affect each other, and the base conditions for each are changing irrevocably in ways which will affect our lives significantly in the years ahead.  The global economy is becoming increasingly fragile, cheap energy is a thing of the past, and we are experiencing dramatic weather events due to climate change.  More and more people are making the effort to understand these changes and take initiatives to adapt their lifestyles and build their local community.

In response to these changes, an international wellspring of community organizations, called the Transition Movement (visit:www.transitionnetwork.org), has worked to empower communities with the skills required to adapt to these changing times.  Transition Bay St Margarets is a volunteer group based on this international Transition Movement, and works to empower our local community to work together to build resiliency to these global changes.  This process aims to create stronger, happier communities through actively building the strengths of community networking around projects for resilience.  With the increasing uncertainties of today, it therefore makes sense to plan for these uncertainties than to be taken by surprise.

The agenda provides short videos, presentations and discussion on "What is Transition?" and "Building Reliance for What?".  A short Annual General Meeting will precede the evening’s events. This event is free with no RSVP required. For more information, visit transitionbay.ca or contact Bob Cervelli (robert.cervelli@gmail.com) or David Wimberly (davidwimberly@eastlink.ca).

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