Introduction to Permaculture Course

  • Sat, April 14, 2012
  • Sun, April 15, 2012
  • St. Luke’s United Church, Tantallon
Do you really want to start a garden but feel like you don't have time? Do you feel like you are losing the battle against weeds? Are you itching to do something more to help create community? Overwhelmed by some of the most challenging environmental problems in the world?

Join our Introduction to Permaculture course and learn over 2 days about positive and solutions-based design principles that directly apply to these questions and much more!

You will come out of this workshop with the knowledge for finding positive and practical solutions to creating energy and time-efficient gardens, designing wisely with water, building soil out of nothing, designing opportunities for meaningful community projects, creating a holistic design plan for your property and much more!

Permaculture wisdom is a core inspiration for the Transition Movement. Understanding the basics of Permaculture can make the critical difference in bringing your transitions to success. Benefit yourself and the land, the community and the culture we are all part of.

Course details
Cost is $145, or $65 for the first six under age 30 to register. These low prices are made possible by a generous grant from the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia to strengthen resilience in our area. So please take advantage of this offering and register today. Before this opportunity is passed.

The course includes delicious homemade meals and snacks made by gourmet chefs as well as a detailed reading list and handout materials. The excellent but hard to get book Introduction to Permaculture is available for only $30 (a $35 value) as a special order at the time of registration.

This is highly useful information you can use this spring and from now on. It could revolutionize your approach to food, habitation, habitat and community. Register today!

To register, please email David Wimberly

Hosted by Transition Bay St Margaret’s. For more information, please visit

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