Community-Based Energy Production Gathering

  • Thu, February 23, 2012
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Tantallon Public Library Exit 5 off Hwy 103
Explore potential local projects for community-based energy production, such as biofuels, energy retrofitting and solar heating.

The concept of peak oil is being discussed widely today – that we are currently extracting oil from the ground to the greatest degree possible, and that likely less oil will be available in the future and might cost far more. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the future will require adjustments to less energy usage, and more community-level resiliency in producing energy.

We will begin with a presentation on peak oil and the essential value of petroleum in maintaining our current way of life. The likelihood of energy descent in the years ahead will be explored, and the ways that transition communities around the world are adapting to these changes.

The second portion of the gathering will provide the technical and economic feasibility of a community-owned, algae-based, biodiesel generation facility with a capacity to produce 10,000 litres per week of diesel fuel.

Our third portion will cover aspects of home energy retrofitting, including possible local manufacturing of solar hot air collectors. These presentations will be followed by break-out groups, engaging key questions that arise about these potential projects and about global energy issues as they effect our community. All Welcome.

This event is free and you do not need to register your attendance ahead of time.

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