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  • Efficient renewable energy
  • Healthy affordable local food
  • Transportation alternatives
  • Green self-supportive local economy
  • Sustainable municipal infrastructure
  • Education for sustainability

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Natura Coop
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At Natura Coop we promote a sustainable lifestyle among all members and the planet, and strive to give them excellent quality of life, as defined by the members, individually and as a group. To that end, we encourage group decision-making through the co-op, in all areas of our lives here at Natura, and self-sufficiency in activities, building methods and materials, transportation, food growth & preservation, energy use & production, waste, management and employment

Foremost we have a debt to the planet and our future generations as to how we interact with our environment. Decisions in all areas will consider the environment first.

Natura is located on 35 acres just outside of Bridgewater in Conquerall Bank, Nova Scotia

Natura will consist of 2 parts

The Treehouse Housing Coop
•12 single family homes
•4 rental homes (for members who don’t want to build)

The Bees Nest Working Coop
•Local product store
•Businesses (wood/metal workshop, natural home building, etc.)
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Sustainability and Your Business / Organization

What actions has your group or organization taken to become more sustainable?
We are moving towards a self sustainable community with building starting spring 2019.
How are you currently helping people in our community to live more sustainably?
We will promote resilience and self-sustainability using the Transition Town movement in the Bridgewater area.
What steps do you plan to take to become more sustainable?
We are going to be building a primarily off grid community in Conquerall Bank. We will be utilizing sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials and techniques. As well we will produce as much of our own food as possible aiming for 85% within the first 5 years.
What skills or knowledge can your group or organziation offer to others?
We have an builder and engineering technologist familier with sustainable practicves and the Transition Town movement. We also have a structural engineer who has ample expierience with green technologies.
How can others get involved with what you do?
We will be activly engaged with the community through event and workshops. We hope to become an integral part of the community.

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