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Teresa Quilty


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Adventurer, citizen, community builder

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What are you interested in?
  • Efficient renewable energy
  • Healthy affordable local food
  • Transportation alternatives
  • Green self-supportive local economy
  • Sustainable municipal infrastructure
  • Education for sustainability

Sustainability & You

What have you or your family done to live more sustainably?
We grow and make as much of our own food as we can, are conscious of using only the resources we must. Support local community gardening and environmental efforts.
What sustainability events have you taken part in, in the past?
A leader in Plastic Free Lunenburg, aiming to reduce use of plastics.
What else are you interested in doing to make a difference?
We moved to Garden Lots in the spring of 2016 and love living here! We are very encouraged by the efforts we see locally. We want to join the efforts of others to contribute to an enriching, sustainable community and future. Supporting food bank, and interested in co-housing/eco-community.
What skills or knowledge can you offer to others?
Facilitation, leadership development, horticulture/gardening, homecrafts and skills, organizing, marketing, grant application, campaign and marketing skills, teaching, writing, speaking...
How can we all make our communities more sustainable for future generations?
It's not hard to live more sustainably - for most of us, there is always room to lessen our footprint. We can look to old and news ways to achieve this. Once we are making this change ourselves, we can share that with others to encourage others to shift their lifestyles. And working together, we can amplify and synergize to make community and system changes, such as to infrastructure, utilities, transportation, etc.

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